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We are your one stop repair shop; whether you need a routine oil change or need to replace your V8 with a Ram Jet.

We can repair all your electrical problems whether simple or complicated.

Whether you need new brake pads, brake rotors, suspension repairs, or a monster truck lift, we will take care of you and your vehicle.

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Most of our new customers are referred by repeat customers because we are fair, honest, reliable, and use high quality parts.

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We are AAI graduates and receive continuing education to ensure we are trained to repair and service your new vehicle or your 1920 Chrysler.

Car ImageWe are professionals trained to repair and service domestic, import, luxury, and industrial vehicles.  If it uses gasoline or diesel we can maintain, diagnose, and fix your vehicle.
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Car Troubles is your one stop repair shop for:

  • Oil, fluids, filter change
  • Engine, transmission, & suspension troubles
  • Brake system troubles
  • Diesel engine troubles
  • Exhaust troubles
We can also customize your vehicle with turbo chargers, lift kits, high performance transmissions, or efficient exhaust systems.

Car breakdowns are stressful and inconvenient.  We at Car Troubles understand; that is why we often work past 5 pm to get our customers back on the road.

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Need a tow truck to get here: 
Call us, our affiliates have special rates for our customers.

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